Interactive / Dynamic Web Sites

Interactive Web Sites:

We started taking care of University Radiology Group’s (URG) web site in early 2007 providing edits and general maintenance. In those ten years, we completely rebuilt the web site with a new design in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015. We also built a separate mobile-only web site before the now-industry-standard of “responsive design” was widespread. We built ten additional web sites for various divisions of the company.

The real valuable service we provided was the building and maintenance of various interactive web functions

Patient Surveys

URG wanted to publish a publically-accessible page to solicit and track patient surveys. It contains 13 questions and stores the data for instant reporting to URG staff and Management. URG offers imaging services to patients in 20 offices throughout New Jersey. An important aspect of the reporting system is the segregation of survey responses by office. This allows management to target specific offices for patient satisfaction-increasing policy changes or company changes if needed.

Physician Image Reading Requests

URG offers contracted physician’s offices the radiology interpretation expertise of their 60 staff radiologists. We built a system to enable physicians’ office staff the ability to request readings and image/document upload capability. The back-end system contains a job-routing system to send the images to the radiologist and track job progress stage.

Account Request

Besides contracted physicians’ offices, URG provides imaging services and readings for all NJ residents in their service area. Prescribing physicians are provided with dedicated access to view their patients’ scans and interpretive reports. We built a system that tied into URG’s internal network server, where physicians’ usernames and passwords were created and stored. This system allowed physicians to register for an account. The system then checked against the internal network server for an existing account. If no match was found, the request was stored. We built a back-end system that allowed URG staff to verify eligibility, then pass the request on to the responsible party to create the account.

Appointment Confirmation

Utilizing an external Appointment Phone Calling/Emailing Service we built a system that confirmed a patient’s appointment. Patients were then directed to a page with directions to the appointment office and an opportunity to complete a medical history form.

Other Various Systems

Weather Alert: We devised a weather alert function for the public web site to alert patients of late-breaking office closures.

Employment Opportunities: We built and entire internal employment section. Admins could enter available jobs, applicants could apply for jobs. Admins could then route uploaded resumes to hiring managers.

Phone Directory: We built an internal phone directory application.

Training Videos: We built a training video repository with video playback and viewing tracking system.

Interactive PDF Forms: we converted 100’s of PDF forms to interactive forms that allow patients and staff to type in data and print or email completed forms.

Focus Pharmacy

Focus Pharmacy is one of our oldest clients. Besides numerous web site designs, our greatest accomplishment was the building a custom Prescription Refill System for Focus patients. The system allowed patients to register for account, to store their or family members’ prescriptions. They could then login to add refills to their “cart” and transmit this order to Focus Pharmacists. Each refill order was stored so patients could review past refill orders.