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Plug-in, plug-ins and plug-ins

WooCommerce has plug-ins too. Yes plug-ins can have plug-ins.  And they have a ton.  Over 300 various plug-ins to extend WooCommerce’s platform with power features designed, built and maintained by individual developers for various needs they identify.

Why WooCommerce?

Your store will be running on a platform that’s been well tested and maintained continually.  Updates are automatic.  Security enhancements: automatic.

Why Edwardson.com?

We provide you the expertise and experience to build the right site with WooCommerce and identify, install configure and train you on the plug-in.  We have built a lot of WooCommerce sites and bring to your project the wealth of our knowledge and experience so your site is designed, built and maintained right the first time.  Mistakes are costly, why make them if you can avoid them.